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    I have been in search of an app to read as many document types as possible so I can catch up on some reading so to speak on my Android device.
    I have been searching , downloading , testing etc...and suprizingly have not been very impressed.
    The 2 apps I have found that have the best adjustable controls (especially for fonts, brightness) as well as being able to read all the various types of files , documents, texts, and PDF's.
    The "Play Books" app has the adjusters but you cannot add your own files ... so at this time really only one ...and its Called "Cool Reader" Yes ..it is cool but looking through the directories for files I cannot for the life of me, find my pdf files which are stored in the phone. ....Does anyone know how I could find out where I should put the pdf files so that this app sees them...?? Driving me crazy..!!
    Well hope all is well and Thanks for assisting.

    10-30-2012 12:30 PM

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