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    Fellow Androidiers,

    I just wanted to share the first of what will hopefully be a long string of useful apps I intend to create. I actually started this project specifically for use at the gym, and it's expanded a bit to the point that my boot camp uses it regularly for circuit training, and I'm now ready to go public.

    Version 1.2 is released
    -The new version 1.2 has some expanded features
    - extra ring tones
    - bug fixes
    - some graphical updates
    - over 400 lines of code removed or compressed being I've gotten better at coding since I first released this.

    The biggest change is that all three activities are now in the free version. You get the timer, the stopwatch, and the circuit timer all for free. If you've read this far your probably asking.. well why would I buy the dollar version if the free one has everything I need. I'm gonna be honest I really wrote this as a hobby and if you want to use the free version that is just fine with me. I figure if I make it good enough and you end up using it a lot you might want to support, and if people support this app then I'll continue to make updates and add features.

    The Timer
    The timer will remember your previous three used times for easy recall, you can set a delay time of up to 60 seconds. It can give you a countdown to alert you that your time is almost up, it'll also keep track of how many completed timers you do until you press "reset". Personally I use this all for rest periods because it always counts the same number of seconds and with the counter I don't have to worry if I get distracted and forget which set I'm on. The countdown timer also beeps at me as the timer is coming to an end to alert me that I need to grab my weights it's time to go again.

    The Stopwatch
    The stopwatch is a pretty basic stopwatch. You can start it, record laps, and stop it. After you do some stopwatching you can easily email the results to yourself or anyone else. You can also enable the hardware buttons on the side of your phone to act as your start/stop and lap/reset buttons so you dont have to use the display.

    The Circuit Timer
    My personal favorite I use this almost every day at the gym, and got my boot camp to use it also. You set your active time, your inactive time, and the amount of circuits you want to do, from 1 to infinite. The timer will go back and forth from one to the other automatically until youve done as many active timers as you have circuits listed, if infinite it'll go until you stop it. When Im doing circuits I dont even have to look at the times, the app has different alerts for when I should be doing either activity. It also has the countdown timer so if Im going hard on mountain climbers and getting tired I hear the countdown begin and know I just have a few seconds left before break, or if Im on break Ill know to get in position because my active cycle is starting again in a few seconds.



    Ohh and I still dislike B.S, I dislike wasted screen space, I REALLY dislike in-app advertising, I have a full time job, and this is just a hobby of mine that will maybe bring in some extra cash.

    Why am I telling you that? What that means for you is I will never waste your screen space because mobile devices are small with small displays and I'm going to take full advantage of them. The only advertising you will EVER see is in the free version and that's for the $1 version. That add only ever comes up once every twenty times you open the app, possibly less. I'm not going to fluff this app with useless crap. I'm not going to add features that are there just there to allow an extra bullet point in my description. If it's not useful I'm not going to add it... *end of rant*

    So that's it, that's my sales pitch.

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully downloading...

    President Darktime Studios llc (I love being able to put that up)

    p.s. Yeah...I still need to update those screenshots.
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    11-11-2012 07:15 PM

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