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    I am working on an Android VoIP solution. I have got some problem with the rotation

    notification so I was looking for codes and I have found one on a VoIP website (http://voip

    -sip-sdk.com/p_456-voip-android-integration-voip.html). According to the code I have found I

    can distinguish between the horizontal and vertical layout of the mobile devices, too. If

    the layout needs to be rearranged when the device is rotated, I can do that by defining

    states in my application and change these states when the device is rotated.

    1. private function StageOrientationChange(soce:StageOrientationEvent):void
    2. {
    3. if(soce.afterOrientation=="default" || soce.afterOrientation=="upsideDown")
    4. {
    5. this.currentState="Vertical";
    6. } else
    7. {
    8. this.currentState="Horizontal";
    9. }
    10. }

    Please share any information, codes and tips related to Android VoIP development which can

    help me.

    01-22-2013 02:47 AM

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