1. mgrmobi's Avatar
    Hi everybody!

    I have developed a simple application for forwarding incoming and outgoing sms-messages to email. At first I implemented it to use it myself, but then I decided to improve it and share with everybody.

    You can use it for reading your sms remotely (for example, if you left your phone at home), for the backup of messages. Or you can set up this application in someone elses phone (the developer is not responsible for it ).

    It is extremely easy to use this app. Its free and has no limits.

    You can get it in Google Play:

    When you start SMS Spy first time, you need to set the password for app and the email for messages.
    For email sending you can use your gmail or any other mail SMTP server or built-in secure SMTP server (you dont need to configure anything in this case).

    I would be very grateful if you send me your feedback and give high rating in Google play.

    I am always ready to answer your questions or get the tips about what new features you would like to have in a new version.

    03-14-2013 04:53 AM
  2. dayningt's Avatar
    Thank you for your share.
    But I have used a Mobile Spy app to record sms and messages.
    07-15-2014 04:11 AM

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