1. Just_Ask's Avatar
    JustAsk is one of the most powerful and innovative application ever build for Android devices. It will bring you the best that there is on the web without searching.
    You will have whatever you want just asking. For instance you want to download or watch in streaming a movie, you will have just to open the app in your smartphone and ask what you need. You will receive a link in your e-mail to download or watch in streaming (in this case that the example is about movies) what you asked. You will not lose anymore time to search on the web, and everything you will receive from the app JustAsk will be the best that there is on the web. You will receive only best quality files.

    JustAsk overcome the limits of search engines.

    If you want to know when the application JustAsk will be available on Google Play just...

    We would like to know what you think about this idea and this application.
    Tell us your opinion.

    04-26-2013 06:46 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Scary and sounds like begging for malware and/or identity theft. Good luck!
    04-26-2013 07:21 PM
  3. Just_Ask's Avatar
    Absolutely not! We want to improve security sending you the best that there is on the web. All links and files they will be tested by the most powerful Antivirus. The form use an SSL secure submission and the e-mails never will be stocked on our servers. After having sent the answer (what you asked) your e-mail will be automatically and permanently erased from our servers. One of our most important goal was the security, and we did our best.
    Our goal is to improve the idea of search engines. We are on planet Earth for a period of time called life. We must don't lose our time. This application will help people to save time.
    We want to make something good. Something new. Something that can help.

    04-26-2013 07:34 PM
  4. crz6662's Avatar
    App actually says after install "no longer works". Would've liked to try. Oh well.
    Used the Facebook link.
    06-11-2013 04:36 PM

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