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    FIRST App that *shutdowns your Smartphone when electric signal (USB or charger) is cut off* or cable unplugged.


    This is useful:
    - Ideal for "Auto Boot - boot on charge" App -> that starts devices by receiving electric signal (USB or charger)
    - For industrial devices (or DIY) working with PIC boards and subsystems, no human intervention to switch them OFF
    - For vehicles: if you have installed in your Car that boots when start engine and you want to shut it off when stop the engine
    - If you just want to shut down device because have you ON/OFF button broken

    Please, watch explanatory video:

    Usage: App is just a button to enable/disable a startup service that will be enabled when boot your phone, if you want to switch it OFF you need to have USB or charged plugged in.

    Important read:
    - Your phone needs to be rooted!!
    - In contrast to "Auto Boot - boot on charge" App, this will DO work with any Android based device!!

    Questions? drop me an email, I will answer inmediately
    Thank you~
    02-11-2014 12:55 AM

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