1. Sherry Shran's Avatar
    The new version of Laputa released as a new app, named Laputa Reader 1.3.1
    New points for this version:
    + More stable
    + Chinese Suppoted
    + Recommendation
    + RSS service
    + Search in book content
    + Adjust Brightness
    + Screen rotate with G-Sersor supported
    + Display awake setting
    +Prograss Bar On/Off
    09-25-2010 03:36 AM
  2. kinster02's Avatar
    How could this be a new version when the one I have is v3.0.3 and there is no updates?
    09-25-2010 05:32 AM
  3. Waheeddd's Avatar
    It seemed that Laputa change their name, in the past, named Laputa Ebook Reader, Now Laputa Reader. Added some new function. I download the new version from the market, can't update directly!
    09-27-2010 02:33 AM
  4. Waheeddd's Avatar
    All my favorite books on Laputa are disappear!
    Someone who can help me
    10-09-2010 04:20 AM