1. maykelbembibre's Avatar
    Hi everyone! I have made a widget for Android which will show you your unread WhatsApp messages grouped by the person who has sent them just by unlocking your phone's screen. All of this without opening WhatsApp application and without allowing anyone to see you online! It is very comfortable because this way you can first see what messages do you have and then decide if it worths to open WhatsApp and respond them depending on the priority you think they have.

    Here is the link for the widget on Google Play:

    In addition, the widget is also capable of showing the following:
    - Upcoming calendar events.
    - Unread missed calls.
    - Unread SMS messages.
    - Notes section. The widget allows you to take quick notes of everything you want to.

    Remember this application needs to be configured to allow it to work:
    - Android needs you to enable it in Settings > Accessibility. There you have to set on the "Attractive Notifications Service".
    - You have to configure the calendar for which you want the widget to show the upcoming events as your device probably will have more than one calendar. That is done in the widget settings that will appear on you applications menu after you install it.

    This widget is actually a new version of another similar widget that I made in the past. The widget that I made in the past didn't work when Anroid Lollipop appeared, because Google made very deep changes on its operating system. So I made another version of the widget with compatibility with Lollipop and keeping the compatibility with a few older versions as Kitkat or Jellybean. In addition this new version has a new and attractive user interface.
    06-06-2016 08:09 AM
  2. myportablesoftware's Avatar
    Nice app! Can you insert an option to set a non transparent background?
    With colorful wallpapers, the text may be unreadable.
    06-08-2016 08:19 AM
  3. RodrigoDLPontes's Avatar
    That's really cool! I like the color coding. I agree with myportablesoftware, adding the option of a non transparent background could make it easier to read. I've also developed a WhatsApp add-on which provides Facebook like chat bubbles to WhatsApp conversations. If you'd like to check it out, it is called WhatsBubbles. Perhaps we could come up with some sort of integration.
    06-21-2016 04:16 PM

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