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    Hello guys,

    I published my Smart Note app one week ago. Iam curious about your comments and feedbacks.

    You can take your notes by picture,speech or classic. It has machine learning support on picture note and speech note. It can recognize word on picture and save it as note for you,also can save your speech record as note.

    Features of it :

    - Text Recognition of photos or documents

    - Speech Recognition (Speech to Text Note System)

    - Classic Note

    - Background colors and notepad colors can be customized

    - Free and easy to use

    That is the link for Playstore : SMART NOTE

    I hope you love it, and waiting for your feedbacks. Thanks.

    [FREE] Smart Note - ML Supported NotePad-6.jpg[FREE] Smart Note - ML Supported NotePad-2.jpg[FREE] Smart Note - ML Supported NotePad-0.jpg[FREE] Smart Note - ML Supported NotePad-4.jpg
    09-21-2020 05:15 PM

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