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Apr 9, 2023
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Precision Color
Innovative color picker & converter + Color theme builder for apps and websites

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Color Picker
  • For precision, a crosshairs pointer is used which is moved indirectly using the screen like a touchpad, contrary to similar tools.
  • Color coordinates can also be changed individually using sliders.
  • By default, the HSL color model is used, which is standard for web design and has more meaningful coordinates than the HSV model used in many other color pickers.
  • The HSV model is also available.
  • Different projections are available for selecting colors with similar lightness or similar saturation.

Color Conversion
  • Colors can be typed in HSL, HSV, RGB, or HEX, and are automatically converted to the other notations.

Color Palettes
  • An arbitrary number of color palettes with an arbitrary number of colors each can be created (limited by the screen width).
  • Colors and color palettes can be copied, moved, inserted, deleted.

Color Themes
  • The colors can be applied in real time to test elements that are common in apps and websites.
  • The colors can be saved to text files. Using cloud storage, you can easily synchronize them between devices.
  • This way you can quickly design color themes, and optimize them for different devices and screen modes.

★ Undo / redo for all operations is available.

★ A complete tutorial is included.

Planned features
  • Other color spaces (LAB, perception-adjusted HSL)
  • Triangle color picker

Note that the app is designed for phones and currently does not make use of the screen space available on tablets. However, it works well in multi-window mode.

The app is completely free to use and without ads!

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