1. kcerica's Avatar
    1. Do you know of an app that'll sync ibooks from itunes to your android?
    2. If not, if you read ebooks on android, do you store them on sd card? If so which ebook reader do you use?
    3. Do you know if all ebook readers about the same size and take up about the same memory or do you know of an ebook reader that is smaller and takes up less memory?

    I know there are apps like doubletwist that'll sync music, pictures, and videos from itunes to android but I can't find any that includes ibooks. There are so many apps for android that can do anything that you can imagine so I can't imagine there isn't an app that'll sync your ibooks from itunes!!
    I saw a tutorial for Veency Ghost here but that will not work cuz I don't have my ipod anymore but I still have all of my books in my itunes acct. If i still had my ipod this would be a good option.
    10-09-2011 12:31 PM
  2. Gnomad's Avatar
    As far as I know apple ibooks have drm which prevents them from being read on anything besides ibooks applications. So no syncing there. There are ways to remove the drm though.
    I have all of my converted to epub format, I use Calibre to convert any that are not epub. You can transfer them to your sd card through the Calibre program. I use Kobo at the moment to read ebooks on my Fascinate, seems to work the best for me.
    10-10-2011 08:35 PM