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    Samsung Fascinate SCH-i500
    ROM: PWGB2.0 beta
    kernel: imoseyon_leanKernel_i500_voodoo_1.4.0
    TWlauncher.apk: TouchWizGTG_New_Dock_Colored_Icons_All_Variations. zip
    Custom keyboard: HTC_IME_themed_by_gIMpSta.apk
    above is what I have done to my phone so far.

    need for a different camera after experiencing todays issues. dont know if any of you FABULOUS developers have considered the following camera issue but this is what I realized today & am now searching for solution camera.

    when recording footage with phone camera and you need to [pause] for a period, the camera display stays on and helps run battery down. Need to have display go to black after 20 seconds after pausing and returning to displaying image after you press the power button to aid in saving battery power (stupid lock button in this case).
    OR be able to hit the power button yourself after pausing recording mode to make display go off until you press power button again to turn on display again.
    I tried to film kids at the county fair and needed the pause feature alot and to also conserve battery. pressing the power button just [locks] it....
    so I tried pressing home screen after pausing and then pressing the power button to turn off display but then the recording session I had paused would be gone.
    Then I tried pausing the recording session and just turning and holding camera lens to my chest thus blocking any light, therefore the screen would be black (dont know if this would effect battery consumption). The problem with that was that before I could press the pause button off to continue to record again the stupid camera would "time out" and then what I had recorded up to then in that segment would be gone yet again..

    so... to recap my camera needs. I would like to flash an update that would take away the camera time-out period when pausing, and disable the "LOCK" feature and make that button the display on/off button while NOT turning off the app. and maybe even, if the camera is in [pause mode] and you press the back button a window will pop up asking if intention is to turn off display to save battery while in pause mode or to close camera app.

    it may be a placebo effect but I swear the display shows photos and footage
    MUCH more brilliant and clear with the PWGB2.0 beta3 ROM...
    I love this PWGB ROM....
    try it if you havent yet. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS.
    10-19-2011 05:31 AM

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