1. Jakobkraft's Avatar
    I've been using Docs to Go on my Galaxy SII (had already purchased it to use on an earlier phone) and have been fairly happy with it. But since Polaris Office came with the Galaxy SII I thought I'd give that a try and have to say, I like the interface much better. The only thing is when it opens a doc, the text is so small and needs to be always zoomed. But Docs to Go always opened the file with the text nicely fitting the screen.
    See Docs to Go screenshot here: Imageshack - docstogo.png
    And see Polaris Office screenshot here: Imageshack - polarisoffice.png
    So is there a way to get Polaris office to open documents automatically as visibly as Docs to Go? Thanks in advance!!
    10-28-2011 02:09 PM