1. becandl's Avatar
    So I have been looking around on Google and on the app store for an app that does this, but I just can't seem to find one that exactly fits what I want to do. Maybe you guys can help me out:

    I'm looking for some sort of approach (an app, new software, etc.) that would allow me to completely customize the LED notifications on an Android phone. I currently have a Blackberry and I'm looking to get an Android phone, but I want the LED to have the same functionality as I get on my Blackberry. For my current phone, I have an app called BerryBuzz (or BeBuzz), that allows me to change the LED color for everything. SMS, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter... everything. Also, I can set certain colors for different people in my Contacts. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

    11-08-2011 04:33 PM
  2. rpk717's Avatar
    Try Blink
    11-08-2011 07:13 PM
  3. Ricky Babalu's Avatar
    Try "LightFlow" works great!!
    11-08-2011 08:05 PM
  4. cowboyfan's Avatar
    I second Lightflow. Been using it on my Atrix and it works great.
    11-08-2011 09:36 PM