1. ron.p's Avatar
    Hello. Was hoping to ask a couple of questions. Moving over from a blackberry to android, trying to find an all around email app that does one or two basic things I'm specifically looking for beyond the pre-installed htc app or gmail.

    I have two accounts, one yahoo and one gmail. I am currently using / trying to learn K9 and I'd like it to start in the unified inbox each time. Even though I have the tick mark to show, it won't start there unless I exit the app from there.

    Is there any way to get K9 to start in the unified inbox no matter where I exited the app previously?

    Additionally, I would like to to poll my accounts when starting the app. I have it set to check every hour, but if I would like it to check accounts when opened and I don't want to go to the account list, menu, check mail.

    I've tried maildroid as well, can't get that to start in the universal inbox either as above.

    Thanks for any help!!
    12-04-2011 12:25 AM