1. OfficialMobiObie's Avatar

    I am trying to develop an application that lets employee's of my company register through the application. After they register the app generates them an ID number. After they have completed the registrations and an administrator approves the account they can login with the app and send notes/updates,etc to each other. How would i go about making this app?

    Thank you
    05-26-2010 12:34 AM
  2. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    this needs to be moved to the developer boards.

    and i am sure there are dev-oriented forums/sites you would be better off going to, good luck!
    05-26-2010 12:38 AM
  3. TheMobileWorx's Avatar
    We have done such a thing and even gone step further...

    We use an AES 256 bit encrypted interop to communicate with the webserver and even allow the activation/deactivation of phones based on their Android ID.
    05-26-2010 12:03 PM