1. RichTSr's Avatar
    I am able to log onto our web interface and see our companies published apps. But the apps will not launch when clicked. The screen just hangs and eventually times out. I've gotten the same results on my Bionic and on a AT&T Galaxy 9.8. Here's the kicker, the owner of the company and the company controller both have Ipad 2s. Unfortunately, I'm able to get the Ipads to work flawlessly. I really don't want to go out and buy half a dozen Ipads. Please help.
    01-13-2012 07:23 AM
  2. DoctorP's Avatar
    Citrix works fine on Xoom running Honeycomb 3.2.4. Does not work on Verizon Galaxy Nexus running ICS 4.0.2. Also worked previously on my DroidX running Gingerbread. I'm not sure what OS version your devices are running. What you describe is similar to a problem I had previously on Gingerbread which was fixed with a Citrix update. I suspect all you can do is wait for a Citrix update, Citrix does have a user forum where you might be able to see if this has been reported.
    01-13-2012 11:18 PM