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    Note: At one point in this walk through, you'll have every feed you're following appear in your contact list. They'll be removed shortly thereafter, but if your follow list is enormous, I don't know if that'll cause a problem (mine's pretty short.)

    The official Twitter app is neat in that it'll automatically associate your contacts with their respective Twitter feed if you choose to only sync existing contacts. In theory. Of the three contacts in my phone with Twitter, only one of their feeds matched up, and the others didn't.

    I only wanted to add contacts from Twitter to my contact list if they matched up with somebody already in there, and that obviously wasn't working. Here is how I fixed it.

    Go into Twitter. Go to the home menu and press the menu button. Change the Sync Contacts option to Sync All.

    At this point, every feed you are following in Twitter will have an entry in your contact list.

    Go to your contacts, and go to the phone/Google contact for the person with whom you wish to associate a Twitter feed. Select them, then from the main contact info screen, press menu and choose edit contact. From this edit screen (Where you input name, phone number, etc.) press menu again and choose Join. Select to join them with their twitter feed which should now be in your contact list.

    Return to Twitter, and now change it back to only sync with existing contacts. All the twitter feeds unassociated with a contact will disappear, but any which you manually associated with an existing contact will remain associated. Voila.

    I haven't had to try it, but I'm willing to bet the same process would work for syncing contacts with Facebook.
    06-04-2010 01:30 PM