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    We have recently launched the Best in its category Android app called Hide Secrets Pro.


    Hide Secrets is the most intuitive, useful and simple to use Hiding app on the Android Market
    The app is renamed as Disk Cache to keep it safe!

    DIAL 1111 TO OPEN THE APP (if this doesnt work please try widget method) - There is no Icon for the app
    Add widget for disk cache - input your passcode in the text area and click on the icon to open the app

    1. Hide Contacts - may be you have special friend or business contact you want to hide
    2. Hide Call Logs - don't leave the traces
    3. Hide Messages - its important
    4. Hide or Encrypt Photos / Audio / Video / or any file - the ultimate goal of this app
    5. Lock Apps - yes, you heard it right - you can have option like fake crashing or password protecting the app
    6. Secret Notes - Passwords, credit cards, bank details, other notes - you name it, and you have it
    7. File Manager - check the files, hide them, encrypt them, manage them
    8. Escape Password - coz sometimes, you cant say NO
    9. Widget (disguised) - to easily open the app

    There are lots of other features which are not displayed here, which you'll get to know once you download the app.

    P.S.: MILITARY STANDARD 256-bit AES encryption is used everywhere.
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    02-28-2012 07:19 AM
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    04-26-2013 07:56 PM