1. darkstar's Avatar
    anyone know anything about a slingplayer for android, and our 'droid' specifically? i had it for my ipod touch and would love to be able to use it on my spiffy new phone
    11-10-2009 06:48 PM
  2. mskaplan's Avatar
    Word on the street was no dice from Sling directly, but with open source you never know what lies down the road. Give it a few more weeks and I think the app store will be rocking 100x harder.
    11-10-2009 06:50 PM
  3. Snaz's Avatar
    11-10-2009 06:55 PM
  4. mskaplan's Avatar
    11-10-2009 06:57 PM
  5. darkstar's Avatar
    thanks for the replies!
    11-10-2009 07:56 PM
  6. ejqr5's Avatar
    Has anyone heard anything new about this?
    02-02-2010 02:36 PM
  7. dkotoric's Avatar
    well we know there is a private beta thats out, does anyone know when this summer this app will be released.
    05-18-2010 02:08 PM