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    Hi, is there a way to set Winamp (or any other shoutcast player) so that when you click on a shoutcast radio button in a website or a link in an email it will automatically open and start playing? Every time I try I get a failed download error.

    At this point I have to open Winamp and search for the shoutcast station and play it like that. But, I need to be able to just click on a link in a website or email and have Winamp as the default app that opens the file.

    For those that may not understand, when you click on a shoutcast radio button in a website it downloads a .pls flile and "should" open it with a player. I was able to do this with, dare I mention it?, Windows Mobile OS and it seems that there should be a way to do it in the far superior Android OS. And, no I'm not being sarcastic, Android is a far far superior OS than WinMo ever dreamed of being. But, this is bugging me.....
    04-12-2012 12:10 AM
  2. Malachi73's Avatar
    Ok, after a little more googling I found an app called "Just Playlists" in the market that will work somewhat. As long as the URL is an IP address and port instead of a domain.

    So, if this will work for Just Playlists, is there a way to make it open in Winamp by default?
    04-12-2012 12:30 AM