1. poastable's Avatar
    Any apps or work arounds for this? I want to sync my sports calendars to my new EVO, but only the user created calendars seem to sync.
    06-09-2010 07:32 PM
  2. rhippler's Avatar
    Are these calendars you have syncing in Google calendar? I have some and they are selectable on my hand held. just go to menu->more->calendars on the calendar app to select which ones you want to sync.
    06-09-2010 08:11 PM
  3. poastable's Avatar
    Yes, I have tried that. The user defined calendars are there, but I have ones created by others for sports scores/times/locations that do not appear. I am missing probably a half dozen from the drop down list that appear on the google calendar page on my laptop.
    06-09-2010 08:44 PM
  4. superflush's Avatar
    You are talking about the Calendars that you can add (that are provided by Google) and appear under "Other Calendars" in a full browser, right.
    I don't know of a way to get them to show up.
    06-12-2010 06:08 AM
  5. indianajonze's Avatar
    its very odd. i downloaded a world cup calendar, and it syncs just fine. yet my ny mets calendar refuses to sync...
    06-12-2010 10:07 AM