1. Joene's Avatar

    I use my desire for music listening a lot. Before I got it I used a Creative Zen. I have noticed that when I listen to music on my Zen, the Smartvolume feature on the player normalizes the sound level of the songs (i.e. the volume level of all the songs is more or less the same). Is there a music app available (I've tried the native HTC sense music app and Mixing) that does more or less the same thing? I don't want to be toggling the volume constantly.

    Thanks a lot!
    06-10-2010 09:46 AM
  2. superflush's Avatar
    I don't know about this. It would be similar to iTunes/iPod "Sound Check." I don't use Sound Check because I find it makes everything a bit lower in sound, and I don't like that. If there is an Android app that did this, I would hope that it is able to make songs louder. One of my complaints with music playback on Android is that many songs playback at a very low volume, and it is essentially too low. The other feature I would like to have is gapless playback.

    My main music app right now is bTunes, although I put DoubleTwist on there and will compare the 2 to see how it stacks up against bTunes.
    06-12-2010 05:58 AM
  3. Prophet Zarquon's Avatar
    I'm also eagerly awaiting a normalization capable player. I wonder whether a system-wide normalization filter would serve even better: One app with volume and both RMS and peak normalization for each volume slider (alarm, ring, notification, media, ?)! YouTube sorely needs a way to boost volume on the Evo Froyo HQ player. Plus some of my ringtones are encoded too quietly.

    Normalization can be achieved on the fly, through audio buffering, plus tables can be used to establish known VU values for each track once it has been played (realtime) or analyzed (faster).

    (How long before we see a multitrack audio editor with looping and filters?
    Same for multi layer image editing with brushes?
    Dare I suggest a video transcoder, to convert those pesky non-native file types without resorting to a PC?)

    The horsepower is there, now we need codecs, and programmers!
    08-17-2010 12:02 PM
  4. cr3amy's Avatar
    If most of your music is in mp3 format, I *highly* recommend Mp3Gain. It's a free utility for the PC that analyzes all your music and adjusts the volume of each individual album (so all the songs stay the same relative to each other, but each album has the same overall volume).

    It's a *huge* help over iTunes Sound Check (ten times better), plus, since it's saved into the file, you never have to worry about having an app that can do this.

    It' *absolutely* worth the time. Scan all your music at night, set the normalization volume to 92 and do "Album Gain" (not Track Gain).
    08-17-2010 12:10 PM