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    Found a link to the apk on this YouTube video. Installs and opened on galaxy nexus 4.1.1

    YouTube link;
    Xbmc apk download:
    Xbmc source code: https://github.com/xbmc/android

    Being the guy on the XBMC team who actually makes the UI (read default skin) http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?act...file&uid=14997

    I'm surprised as hell that you people are even trying to use it on phones at the moment
    XBMC really is designed for tv use currently there are 2 touch screen skins (made by me again) but they still suck on something as small as a phone you really need a tablet at least for it to work half decent.

    I guess its a gimmick factor for now that you can actually run it. But don't judge it too harshly unless your using it the way its meant to be on a TV
    Yeah I know its just I've invested a lot of my personal time into XBMC of the years, and I hate the thought of anyone dismissing it just because they try to run it on a device that its not currently meant for and get met with a less than stellar user experience :crying:

    Its part of the reason why we didn't just ship out apk's or put it straight onto the "Play Store" because its still got a lot of development to go before it really a daily use app. And everyone would just grab and install all the pre-compiled ones without even reading any informational posts about it and complain that its crap when really the main reason the source code is out is so other developers can help us make it lots better for the day it hits the play store

    Thats just the way XBMC rolls :laugh: develop in the open and encourage other people to help make it better

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    07-15-2012 07:31 AM