1. SeanF's Avatar
    I can not find the answer to this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I am using the Handscent app and I love it. Except when i get a text from work. Everytime they send a message I get two of them. And I am not talking about one message on handscent and another on the stock messaging app. Both messages are in the handscent app. This does not happen when I receive messages from anyone else.
    For some background: work is sending text messages via microsoft outlook exchange

    Again, any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    06-29-2010 08:43 PM
  2. JaxDreamFunding's Avatar
    Explain "text message from work" -- is that anyone at work with a phone, or do they send from a computer at the office?
    06-30-2010 08:11 AM
  3. SeanF's Avatar
    They send them from a computer, via microsoft outlook exchange
    06-30-2010 05:03 PM
  4. ajkron's Avatar
    had this happen to me and was told to go to stock message app, settings and turn off auto retrieve. the only down fall is that it may not save some of your messages. i tried it and it did lose a few of my messages so i swithced to chomp sms. only difference i see is there are a few more options on handcent pop up
    07-05-2010 10:59 PM