1. dekcufi's Avatar
    I am looking for an app that can listen to what ever is playing and find the song info.

    any ideas?

    07-01-2010 01:33 AM
  2. kinster02's Avatar
    1. Shazam

    2. Soundhound
    07-01-2010 02:05 AM
  3. Hero23's Avatar
    Shazam is great.
    07-01-2010 03:16 AM
  4. PeninaD's Avatar
    I've tried Shazam, and I was amazed. Worked quite well.
    07-01-2010 06:19 AM
  5. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Shazam is amazing. I was in a very very loud school auditorium last weekend (for my kid's karate belt graduation....at least 100 kids and twice that many parents/grandparents) and it still picked out the music that was playing in the background.

    How does it do that? (rhetorical question, not need for long-winded technical explanation)

    I am going to try it at a hockey game next, but I use it constantly in the car to identify songs on the radio (even if I know what the song is, it saves it in the history so I can remember to get the MP3 later).
    07-01-2010 09:34 AM
  6. SeeK's Avatar
    I agree, Shazam's brilliant.
    07-01-2010 09:56 AM
  7. makya53's Avatar
    Shazzam settles allot of arguments, it's incredible and free.
    07-01-2010 10:52 AM
  8. dekcufi's Avatar
    thanks for the suggestions guy i am going to try them out right now
    07-01-2010 12:35 PM
  9. milominderbinde's Avatar
    Shazam is the one the Apple used to feature on their iPhone commercials. I love it.
    07-01-2010 04:42 PM
  10. scott_0's Avatar
    I like Shazam personally
    07-01-2010 07:41 PM
  11. NVNJ's Avatar
    I use Sound Hound and like it very much.
    07-01-2010 09:58 PM
  12. dekcufi's Avatar
    thanks for the replies
    so far everything i tried has worked well

    07-01-2010 10:44 PM
  13. AnAm85's Avatar
    Soundhound! Hands down... You can I.D. songs and even humming! You can also listen to each sample you have recorded after the song is matched!

    07-03-2010 08:44 PM