1. reagan247's Avatar
    Today Google updated the mobile site on Youtube to include HTML5 in all it's glory... haven't seen it yet? Check it out at m.youtube.com on your phone.

    Anyone using it? I love the new look and functionality but hate that it's not integrated into using the actual Youtube app on my Evo. It uses the Flashlite app to play it in the browser... Hope that gets fixed soon.
    07-07-2010 08:04 PM
  2. Stang68's Avatar
    I can't get it to work on my Droid. Whenever i select on a video it gives me the choice of using Skyfire or the built in Youtube app. Also, I don't have the option to watch it in "High quality".

    Any ideas?
    07-08-2010 11:33 PM
  3. Krzr93's Avatar
    Hmmm why isn't there a HQ button like in the reveal trailer? Better not be a apple exclusive.

    I think I will keep my stock youtube app. Quality isn't really improved yet. Plus I can watch in hq this way
    07-09-2010 09:41 AM
  4. Rigelian's Avatar
    I've been playing around with the new mobile youtube. Works nicely, actually better than the native application. I also get the HQ red button on my version. I using this with my nexus one w/ 2.2.
    07-09-2010 11:01 AM