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    Avare (Link), pronounced “AvAir," is a free moving map aviation GPS app developed in Boston, and donated to aviators and open source programmers. There are no ads, no special permissions, and no hidden charges. Avare features online or offline moving map, AFD info, and browsing of all FAA VFR Sectionals & TACs even without cell service or GPS. Current weather METARs for all U.S. airports are available on devices with Internet access, with a simple long-press on any airport. The only three Permissions required are Internet access for downloading free METARs, charts and Airport Diagrams; SD card access for storing Sectional charts and Airport Diagrams; and GPS location to provide the moving map feature.

    Other features include the ability to download any or all of the free charts you choose, list of 50 Nearest airports, on or offline browsing of Sectionals with or without GPS, ground track bearing, plus GPS speed and altitude; distance, bearing, projected track indicator line, and ETA to the destination; destination AFD and optional Airport Diagrams; quick display of Sectionals and AFD at your Base airport; plus bearing and distance to and from any point on the chart simply by pressing one finger on that point. The Avare app and all features are free with no ads. Some devices work even better with an external GPS, including WAAS capability when equipped.

    Avare works on any device running Android 2.2 and newer (note: devices without GPS or other hardware may be rejected by Google Play’s Install, though a version is on Amazon's store for other devices and we offer a Manual Install option for all devices). Avare’s testing is performed on a variety of devices from a first-gen phone running Android 2.2 to a Nexus 7, although an inexpensive external Bluetooth GPS may improve reliability and accuracy on some devices, and some users prefer the larger screen area on a tablet device. The fact that this app was designed for and runs fine on a minimal early Android device means that on newer devices it’s even more responsive and easier to use, and with a 3.5″ or larger screen it’s much easier to use and read than a paper chart or similar size FAA certified GPS.

    You can get more info on the apps4av dot com website or by searching for Avare (Link) on the Play (Link) store where there's a "Developer" link to apps4av.
    10-30-2012 04:27 PM

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