1. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    Ok guys, anyone who listened to the latest podcast might remember the talk of the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine. It's a Windows application that allows users to sideload apps -- without the SDK installed, and even if they have an AT&T phone. We've got something whipped up and working for us pretty well.
    We do need a different tester though things seem to always work on the computers they were written on lol.

    Looking for someone who -
    Has access to a Windows PC without the SDK installed
    Has .NET 4.0 installed, and is sure that it's working
    Knows how to install USB drivers for their phone
    Wants to test some software

    Shout out. Just looking for a few for now, but don't worry. Once we're sure it's all A-OK, a general public beta version will get tossed up for everyone to play with.
    07-17-2010 02:49 PM
  2. CBPilu's Avatar
    How do we get involved?
    07-18-2010 06:42 AM
  3. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    right now, just need a person or two who fits the description. We've tested the crap out of it, but only on machines with the SDK installed. And the people testing are in a position where they can't uninstall the SDK

    If you have .NET 4, don't have the SDK installed, and can install the USB drivers for your phone just say yes, and a PM with a download link and some instructions will soon follow
    07-18-2010 03:35 PM
  4. Tonito's Avatar

    my backflip will be here tomorrow or tuesday so can't test til then but would love to help out
    07-19-2010 01:38 AM