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    Mods: Apologies if this is in the wrong section, seemed like the best place to put it

    Send It is an application that allows you to send ANYthing to ANY smartphone (iPhone, WP7 etc..)

    Hate creating multiple accounts or installing apps you won't use to send one file to one person?
    Don't have an email address for most of your contacts? Find sending something if your not in the same location as the recipient tedious?
    Especially for sending something as simple as a picture, most networks charge for MMS

    Well.. There is one universal method that comes equipped with every single smartphone.. SMS. Not MMS. Good old SMS.
    And there is one account almost every single android user has.. a Google Account. Combine the two and you get SendIt.

    Why try this over Whatsapp, Email, Bluetooth, AirDroid etc?
    Unlike any other application all SendIt requires to work is the recipients phone number. Nothing else. You don't need an account, they don't need to have the app, you don't need to be in the same location, they don't even need to be on the same platform.

    This is how it works:
    1 - You press the share button in ANY app for ANYthing and select Send It
    2 - You choose the recipient from your contact list
    3 - You add a brief message if you wish, and you press send.

    Send It takes your file, uploads it to your Google Drive, and sends the recipient an sms with a shortened download link. Sounds ridiculously simple right? Well, it is
    There's even the option to send the link straight to your clipboard so you can share it via any method you choose (Email, Facebook, Twitter etc)

    Download Free or Pro from the Google Play store today!!

    PS: Don't forget to leave me a Google Play review if you like the app, it would be much appreciated

    Quick demo

    Send It can only access the files it uploads to your Google Drive. Anything else you have on there it CANNOT see or access (Stated clearly when it asks for you permission)
    And if anyone is wondering why the file size is nearly 5mb - The official Google Drive API is 18mb.. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Known Issues:
    - Files downloaded via a send it link have garbled filenames on Android phones - This is an Android limitation, file from those same links have the correct filename on other smartphones as well as PC's and Mac's

    - File size limit of 10mb - Pro is unlimited
    - Send to one contact at a time - Pro allows selection of multiple contacts at once

    Feature requests are welcome and as always feedback is MUCH appreciated.. Enjoy!

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