1. gypsy76#AC's Avatar
    i was wondering, due to a lack of findings in a search, if there was an app that would allow some (apps) to run in the notification section such as: silent, wifi , profile or bluetooth> please do share if you of such an app!
    07-21-2010 09:33 AM
  2. Rickgsx's Avatar

    I was thinking of this myself... in addtion, it would be nice to have the Universal Inbox in the notification bar instead of my 4 email boxes...

    In addtion, it would be nice to ability to allow what applications you WANT to be notified on.. Maybe there is a way, but nothing I've heard of so far...
    07-21-2010 09:50 AM
  3. eyesparky's Avatar
    I use My Settings and quick settings which you can launch from the notification tray (not quite the same as having them there but close). The other option is something like quickdesk beta which you can populate with widgets and shortcuts and launch from a long press on the search button etc.
    07-21-2010 10:24 AM
  4. gypsy76#AC's Avatar
    i guess it be nice to move the more "setting type" widgets or what have you to the notification area for more desktop/screentop usage. i thought i saw on one of the new android phones that had that option, hoping a dev. is able to duplicate it as an app or something. that would be cool IMO!
    07-21-2010 10:32 AM