1. rjdangerous's Avatar
    Looking for a gps app that will allow me to add waypoints and navigate back to later, also that works without data in case I lose signal while say hunting or fishing.

    Something similar to blackstar for BB.
    07-21-2010 09:43 PM
  2. thegov's Avatar
    The only gps app you may find is one that marks your longitude and lattitude on a more or less blank screen. you have to have data for the navigation part to work which is maps. don't know if this helps. and if you already knew this sorry...
    07-21-2010 10:41 PM
  3. rjdangerous's Avatar
    yea thats fine, just looking to add waypoints by gps coords then open the app and nav to them. It's all off road so a blank map is ok.
    07-21-2010 10:54 PM
  4. gvisgr8's Avatar
    Try Meridian or NavDroyd.
    Both helps you in Navigation without Data plan as you can store Maps on SD card .
    07-22-2010 12:09 AM
  5. PREvision's Avatar
    I have tried pretty much all the free ones and the best to me is Oruxmap. It works of cell network, and, with help of a free software, you create your own map based on a list available. FOr example, I created a a map all my area using maps from mytotp.com which are great for hiking. Then you can use Orux map, with the map and all functionalities when you have no data.
    07-22-2010 08:52 AM
  6. takeshi's Avatar
    you have to have data for the navigation part to work which is maps.
    Just to clarify (the reply I quoted was a bit difficult for me to understand), you need data for any GPS app that requires data. Not all do. The GPS receiver itself does not need data coverage.

    A lot of people seem to assume that GPS on Android means Google Maps/Nav but it's just one GPS-capable app of many out there.
    07-22-2010 09:02 AM
  7. graysoft's Avatar
    Try BSC Walk About, it will allow you to add way points and will work without any data signal. It uses a radar like grid view to guide you to your destination.
    09-02-2012 12:08 PM