How accurate is the P6P GPS?


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Oct 21, 2021
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I was looking at the GPS Waypoints Navigator app and considering for use to mark/label plant locations on my property. I emailed the company to ask if the app was suitable for this use but, before waiting for a response, decided to take the plunge and purchase the app and try it out.

Today I received the following response from the company:
The best location resolution on an Android phone is about 3 meters (10 feet), but it is typically closer to about 20 feet and can be as poor as

200 feet, depending on satellite coverage at the moment and other environmental factors. I am guessing that you need better location resolution to locate plants and trees. Android phones will have a sub-meter degree of resolution at some point, but we are not there, yet.

But... yesterday I marked a tree location and, after receiving the email, use the app and it took me to the same location within a foot or two. This is better than I expected and maybe somewhat of a coincidence. I have Google GPS Location Accuracy enabled with the Improve Location Accuracy option but don't believe I have any Wi-Fi or bluetooth signal in the area of my tree but fair mobile signal.
Does anyone have an idea what sort of accuracy I should normally expect with a mobile signal available and clear view of sky?


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Jan 17, 2015
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Good enough for that app. Honestly, the devs sound like apple fanboys.
I use my pixel 6 to fly my drone and have never had an issue. Also helps to recalibrate it once in a while.
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