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    Hello everyone,

    I have developed a new free app, hope you enjoy it. Any suggestion is welcome.


    Tuitermatic IS NOT a Twitter client, it is an application to automate the sharing process from different information sources (web sites, rss readers, news applications, etc) with Twitter.
    The idea is to help with the boring process of publishing content to Twitter, with the main goal of saving time to Social Media professionals and users who share content in the birds social network.
    Anytime you read an article or a new, use the Android/Share menu and choose Tuitermatic.

    Tuitermatic is a mobile app that offer a lot of innovative features:
    Automation of the adding hashtags process. While you are writing a post, you can add a hashtag just by double tapping the word, and then it get saved to a database. The more hashtags we have saved, the more automatic the process will be, because when you type a word we check if the hashtags already exists and we add it automatically without any need of manual intervention. Thanks to this feature we will never forget to add a hashtag again.
    Automatic URLs shortening. Every time we share content with tuitermatic, the link will get shortened automatically.
    Drafts. The application lets you sabe drafts so you can post or edit them later.
    Automatic publishing to Twitter algorithm. Thanks to this feature we can send content to a publishing queu. That queu will be processed with an automatic algorithm so you can set all the posts and forget about it, because the app will handle the rest.
    Statistics. With Tuitermatic we can also check some statistics about our published content:
    o Mentions
    o Retweets
    o Number of link clicks
    o Etc.

    Google play link:
    02-18-2013 07:10 AM

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