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    Trigger Man is an exciting action game in which you are the trigger man and have to shoot as many falling balloons as possible. There are falling bombs also which, if hit, will make the game over. The balloons move in directions such that there is atleast one position in which balloons can be shot. You have five lives which keep on decreasing for every balloon missed. If you miss five balloons the game gets over. Shooting a bonus gives you extra points. There are different levels of increasing difficulty.

    How to Play:
    - Tap on screen to shoot falling balloons. Do not shoot the bombs.
    - The angle of bullet depends on touch point.
    - Depending on speed and direction of balloon determine the touch point.
    - Try and avoid the misses on balloons as your life gets reduced.

    - Control is easy and fun for players of all age.
    - Great shooting experience.
    - Simple but special picture style.

    Challenge yourself in this addictive fun game based on realistic physics and beat your own best score!

    03-04-2013 11:37 PM

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