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    Hi, we are glad to present to your attention first game from our team.
    And we need your feedback

    Local Escalation - a fascinating shooter, you must show your skill in the destruction of hundreds of enemies. You control the small base of the air defense, in whatever happens it was necessary to keep the defense. In the game you expect a 25 waves, in each of which it is necessary to hold out for some time. Save ammunition and competently use your weapons, which in the game of 5 different types: standard missile, Homing missile, MIRV missile, Interceptor, and the fiery charge Nuke. Between the missions, on the funds you earned in the battle, you will be able to improve defense of your base or weapons and learn specific skills, which will make your play more unique and effective.
    If the mission was so easy for fight, you can cause Escalation additional enemies and earn even more points. Make a new highscore and pass the test for the perfect commander of the air defense.
    25 Original Waves
    5 Absolutly differents types of weapons
    100 Upgrades for your weapon
    25 Unique skills
    20 Upgrades for your base
    and much more enemies

    Local Escalation on Play Google

    03-06-2013 01:05 PM
  2. HIGHSCORE_games's Avatar
    If the game will work on mobile, do you play it?
    03-13-2013 12:28 PM

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