[FREE GAME][OFFLINE] Castle Grimhold - An intense, turn based offline RPG with roguelike dungeon crawling & questing


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Apr 9, 2024
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Hi Gamers! I'm a solo indie game developer creating a turn based, roguelike dungeon crawler called Castle Grimhold. I've been building this game entirely on my own and finally have it ready for beta testing! I would sincerely appreciate any and all help! I would also value feedback on gameplay loop and anything that would make the game better. I'm building this in my free time, but I'm working hard on this during that limited time between work and family.

The game has deep character customization, lots of skills and spells, monsters to slay and loot to collect! I wanted something I can play offline, while still having deep gameplay. I've been inspired by roguelikes, mmo's and many, many rpg's.

Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to check out my game!

Google Play Link: Castle Grimhold

Castle Grimhold invites you into a deep, dark fantasy realm where the legacy of traditional RPGs meets the unpredictability of roguelike dungeons, all wrapped up in strategic turn-based battles.

Castle Grimhold is a solo adventure and is fully accessible offline, allowing you to delve into its mysteries whenever the call to adventure strikes. The game is entirely free to play with no required micro-transactions.

Battle hundreds of different enemies, such as skeletons, orcs, ogres, & dragons. Defeat multiple story bosses & uncover hidden and rare enemies.

Utilize dozens of skills and spells to turn the tide of battle. From single target to aoe, crowd control, healing & damage over time. With the many different types of skills & spells, you can create your unique strategy to defeating enemies. Inspiration is taken from turn based rpgs, arpg’s and even mmo’s.

Massive Passive Tree with thousands of options for creating your unique character. Build the character you want, from a pure Warrior or Mage, or choose skills & spells however you want to build a Battle Mage, Paladin, or your own unique class.

ARPG loot system will keep you hunting for that perfect drop. Equip items in more than a dozen slots such as head, chest, rings, legs, neck, feet. There is an unlimited amount of random items with dozens of unique items to hunt for.

Uncover a unique story as you progress in the game.

Complete Story Quests & even repeatable quests to earn xp and gold.

Embark on a journey through the enigmatic halls of Castle Grimhold, where strategy, bravery, and intellect are your greatest assets. Here, every choice carves your path through a richly woven story, set in a castle brimming with lore and legend. Ready your wits and weapons, for the shadows of Grimhold await.


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Apr 9, 2024
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Thank you everyone who has helped test and provided feedback, it's been very helpful! There have been a lot of fixes, changes, enhancements based on the feedback. A huge update just went out and I wanted to let everyone know. Patch notes are here:

Download from Play Store: Castle Grimhold
  1. Hardcore mode added!
  2. General item pool created for all enemies.
  3. Quest item pool refactored.
  4. Added new enemy specific general loot items.
  5. Added 4 new mini boss kill quests.
  6. Fixed a bug when selling stacked items to vendor.
  7. Ultra rare spawn chances decreased & refactored the logic for increasing the spawn chance.
  8. Dodge Chance added for Player, Companions, Enemies, Skills & Items.
  9. Game Settings (Level Size, Enemy Density, Event Chance) moved to character creation & assigned to each character.
Thank you again for all the help!


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Apr 9, 2024
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Castle Grimhold is now live! Google Play Store Link Here

First, thank you very much for all the testing help! I sincerely appreciate everyone who was part of that!

My game is a roguelike, dungeon crawler, turn based rpg. I've tried to make it quick/easy to pick up and play, but having character and battle depth. The game is fully playable offline, which is a feature I really wanted for those times I have no internet/cell connection.

I've kept the ad's and in app purchases to a minimum and nothing is gated. The game is fully playable without ever having to make a purchase. I want people to enjoy the game for the gameplay it has.

There are a lot of features and enhancements I have planned and I hope people enjoy it!

If you like turn based rpg's, roguelikes, dungeon crawlers, character building, item looting then I would really appreciate you giving my game a try!