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    I have a GS3, stock, unrooted, running 4.1.1. I had an issue with the stock email app (had a message count of negative 1) that i fixed by deleting and re-adding the account. Now it syncs when and if it feels like it. It's set to sync every 15 mins.

    I use K9 for push on my gmail based account. K9 was perfect until one day it started eating the battery. I had to delete it and re-install it several times to get that sorted, but now it regularly loses the ability to push mail to my phone and I need to restart the device to get push working (instantly) again. Checking messages when a message is known to be "waiting" results in duplicates and message count issues. Also, prior to the issues with K9, it would seem to download/deliver attachments instantly. Now even one page pdf attachments take a while to load.

    The stock email app issues started before the 4.1.1 update, the K9 issues after.

    edit: just now, now 20 minutes after a restart, the stock email app got a message before K9, I replied with the stock app, and K9 got the senders response to that instantly.

    I wonder if these issues are all related to something deeper in the OS or a factory app/process. Maybe something to do with data? Thanks in advance for any ideas, setting suggestions...
    03-27-2013 11:14 AM

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