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    If youve been keeping an eye on some of the photography apps that have been floating around the mobile-sphere, then you can likely peg what it is Color Corrector manages from the title alone. However, well go ahead and dish the dirt.
    First off, the app has you loading up a photo. You can either take this directly from the phones camera in a live setting, or you can load a preexisting image from your gallery. Once thats done, youre presented with a single, slick interface that controls the RGB color spread of your picture. For those not hip to the design world, this means you can change the red, green, and blue concentration of the photo. With that at the forefront, you can do some pretty incredible things to your photos, and all just by changing the color emphasis. Slide those sliders around, and when youve got it just as you want it, go ahead and mix up the contrast to with one of the apps several presets. Its quick, efficient, and so easy even a cave man could do it. Trust us on that one.
    Design and Interface
    Of course, all of this would be useless without a good interface. Thankfully, as you likely guessed from our comment up there, Color Corrector is a winner in this category. The three sliders and tabbed navigation makes it incredibly simple to visually adjust the color in real-time. This is vital to the ease-of-use, and we cant get enough of it. Similarly, the ability to preview what youre doing with the contrast is also appreciated. All in all, from loading the shot to correcting it to saving it back to your camera roll takes only a matter of seconds.
    Overall Value
    Well spin it to you this way: Color Corrector is completely free. If thats not a reason to snag it this instant, then we dont know what is. Its a great addition to any Android photographers trick bag, especially one who wants to correct photos more intensely before heading to another social media option like Instagram. If that sounds like an easy addition to your flow, then get it now.

    04-22-2013 01:16 PM

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