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    I'm using a Galaxy S running 2.3. One thing that I have hated about this phone from day one is the dialer. It just seems like it takes 10 clicks to find and dial a contact. What I want is a dialer that gives preference to the most frequently dialed numbers. For instance, I have 6 contacts with the first name "Jeff". My best friend is a "Jeff" and I call him about every day but when I type in "J E F" it returns him way down the list. Sometimes when I search for a name , I'll get someone that I may only call twice a year as the first result. I have tried MANY dialers including Dialer One, Angel Dialer etc. All of them claim to sort searches based on call frequency but none actually do. I used to have an HTC Desire, and I swear the stock dialer did what I am asking for. Anybody?
    05-18-2013 05:18 PM

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