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    So, after looking through a multitude of posts on the subject, I've hit the realization that Tasker, out the box, can not use custom icon when displaying a notification message.

    This being the case, the only other option I'm seeing is to create an iPack icon package which may be a tish too much work for what I'm trying to achieve. Anyone out there have any idea if there's an easy way to create an iPack icon package (i.e. a fool-proof limited techy) way that doesn't involve creating a Linux VM on my Win 8 PC.

    Failing that anyone know of any other way to create a notification message with a custom icon within Tasker.

    I'm rooted on a Verizon 4.1 GS3 if that helps any.


    This is what I ascertained thus far: Ipack: Icon Packs for Android
    05-20-2013 01:11 PM

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