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    I think this could go in a few of the different forums, but I'll stick it in here and the mods can decide.

    Im getting excited about all the apps that are letting me do things wirelessly on Android. SwiFTP made things a lot easier with its ability to set up your phone as a server that you can connect to from your PC. Today, well take a look at adbWireless, which in essence does the same thing, but adds the ability to use adb wirelessly. The most important thing, for many, that this will allow you to do is remove carrier bloatware, that is, get rid of preinstalled apps. In todays video, Ill show you how to use adbWireless and how to remove preinstalled apps so that you can have your phone running in tip top shape.

    How to Remove Carrier Bloatware from Android
    08-25-2010 04:19 PM