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    Kill the Zombies and Defend your Empire!!!!!
    Get the Taste of Zombie Action and legendary Mine Sweeping in a single game.

    Zombie RPG Minesweeper is an innovative and an addictive Minesweeper-style Causal game that will keep Android gaming fans engrossed for hours of continuous gaming.

    Players have to rescue an ancient kingdom from Zombie attacks coming out of Foggy areas. The game follows a story-line in which Players advance to a new level after defeating Zombies. Wizards will help you along the way to defeat Zombies and clear the Kingdom of their evil existence.

    Zombie RPG Minesweeper features

    The Game pack-ins following features:

    Minesweeping Action
    Exciting Gameplay & Great Story-line
    Cool Graphics
    Multiple Levels with new characters
    Amazing Sound Effects

    Zombie RPG Minesweeper is indeed one its kind Casual game that provides a 2-in-1 gaming action in a single package. Its Minesweeper game tactics with Zombie killing action.



    Google Play


    08-31-2013 06:26 PM
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    We've updated the app to V1.04

    Please help us develop the game by giving your review and feedback
    09-02-2013 06:41 PM

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