1. jnadelman's Avatar
    ok, I'm looking for a very odd app, I seriously doubt anything like this would exist, but its worth asking. I will start by saying I already have Memento, and I really like it, but it doesn't do this.

    We live in an area where prices at common stores vary tremendously. Places like dunkin donuts, wendys etc. we can go to one Wendy and spend $20 and the same exact stuff somewhere else could run less than $15 (no joke). Problem is if we get other things, then the cheaper one becomes the more expensive one. We find it very frustrating considering we can go to which ever one we want (like 5 of them in a 10 minute radius) Crazy.

    So here is what I am looking for.
    something like a DB where I first store the location, the item and the price.
    then I can select the items we would purchase and it gives me the total price of that at each location.

    I do have the google app building tool, so I'm guessing I would have to build it myself. But it doesn't hurt to ask.
    09-02-2010 07:51 AM
  2. prim8's Avatar
    It sounds like an interesting concept.
    It would certainly be a fun project for the Google app builder.
    09-02-2010 10:59 AM