1. TxFig's Avatar
    I have had a MS Mobile phone for the last 4 years and while it now has alot of shortcomings when compared to Android phones, one thing that it does seem to do very well is sync w/ MS Outlook's Contacts.

    (1) I'm talking about phone:computer syncing without exchange or going through any intermediary.
    (2) I'm only talking about the Contacts - I don't care about the other parts of Outlook.

    Specifically, Outlook's contacts has a TON more fields than Google contacts - fields which I use. Especially the "Categories" field which helps me organize my contacts. I've tried syncing Outlook 2/ Google Contacts and to say I was disappointed would be a dramatic understatement.

    So to my questions:

    (1) Does the Contacts in an Android phone have the same fields (at least most of them) as Outlook's contacts?
    -- I should say, the phones I'm looking at are the Epic & the Evo.

    (2) If question #1 is "no", is there another 3rd party contacts app?

    (3) If question #1 is "yes", how well will it sync (via usb direct connection to the computer - I don't care about over the 'net or via bluetooth)?
    09-21-2010 12:41 PM
  2. Prof-KOS's Avatar
    I know you need the fields in Outlook, but are they necessary on the device?

    There are other contacts apps. aContact seems to be a good one. I have no idea how the fields or sync differ from the stock Android app though.
    09-21-2010 12:58 PM
  3. TxFig's Avatar
    I would say "yes", they are. Multiple phone numbers, multiple email addresses, (an awful lot of folks have 2 or 3), multiple snail mail addresses. The whole point of sync'ing is to keep it "in sync". Edit: to honest, those extra fields are probably MORE important on my phone than they are in Outlook.

    The very definition of the word means "everything".

    And as I said in my OP - one of the most important fields is CATEGORIES. When you have 850 contacts, being able to organize them is massively important.

    To be honest, what I really want is OUTLOOK on my phone.
    09-21-2010 01:21 PM
  4. Prof-KOS's Avatar
    Outlook on your phone isn't likely to happen, sorry.

    As far as multiple phone numbers and multiple emails go, Gmail does this and so does Android. "Categories" would be pretty similar to "Groups" in Gmail which Android also recognizes and uses.

    I have all 600+ of my contacts synced and organized. Many of them have multiple numbers or emails addresses. All are sorted into groups.
    09-21-2010 01:49 PM