Syncing, backing up contacts, etc.


Dec 21, 2009
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Need advice to prevent a problem I ran into over time.

Right now, I have all syncing functions turned off.

I do not use any social media. I understand that those contacts can be gathered up and cause duplicates.

What started happening was I started having duplicate contacts, many, showing up.

Of course I have contacts on and on my phone's contacts app.

I turned off backup contacts on anything I could find backing up. Like Google 1, One Drive and I don't use Verizon contacts backup .

I backup vcf files with all data and photo or logo associated with each contact.

I use two Gmail accounts. Personal and business. I would like them to have identical contact lists and when I add a contact, or change pertinent information... I want it to add out correct the data in the secondary account.

I have settings so that new contacts are saved in account 1. I want them to be added to account 2. This used to happen immediately. But, I must've alerted the settings and didn't realize it.

I noticed if I go into the contacts app in the business Gmail account, and do to states.. Auto sync is turned off, but not in the primary trash account. Both Gmail account's contact apps, the notice at the top says auto sync not turned on.

I hated having to merge contacts as I had contacts with the same info, like addresses, or other info repeated within that contact many times. 😟

How should I configure sync and backup for each Google account? And, any other sync or backup settings that I need to consider they may cause a problem?

Thank you
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