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    AppStoreHQ has gone native and we're looking for feedback.

    Last week we shipped the first production version of appESP - a personalized on-device recommendations service for Android apps

    Like most v1 applications it doesn't do everything we want it to, but we think we're on the right track and have gotten some good early reviews...

    "Its a brilliant system that solves a pervasive problem in the Android Market..." - Jolie ODell, Mashable

    ...we've also take some lumps...

    "Mashable crushed us, here's how we bounced back" - AppStoreHQ blog

    Now we're asking for your help.

    We need more critical feedback from smart and experienced Android fans to help us figure out where to head next. We're asking every Android user we know to:

    1. Download appESP: search Market for "appesp" or visit appESP by AppStoreHQ Android application - AppStoreHQ

    2. Rate + comment in Android Market: While we'd love more 5-star ratings (thanks!) all we really ask is that you rate the app and give us some feedback so we know how to improve.

    3. Tell us what you want: If you have specific ideas or suggestions for how we can improve appESP, just reply to this thread to let us know. We're interested in both consumer-centric ideas (e.g., recommendation quality, user experience, load times, etc) and suggestions that can help developers (e.g., contextual ad placements, enhanced app profiles, etc.).

    Thanks for the feedback - we appreciate it!

    Chris, Ian, Brett & Donald
    The AppStoreHQ team
    10-26-2010 05:44 PM