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    Have you ever had a problem composing your message with included links or texts from browser, another mails, sms and so on?
    Are you bored of switching between apps and grabbing stuff from them to compose your message?
    Do you want to have snippets anytime ready for paste?

    [APP][FREE]  StuffMerge Message Composer-phone4.jpg[APP][FREE]  StuffMerge Message Composer-phone1.jpg[APP][FREE]  StuffMerge Message Composer-phone2.jpg[APP][FREE]  StuffMerge Message Composer-phone5.jpg[APP][FREE]  StuffMerge Message Composer-tablet1.jpg

    StuffMerge is a little clipboard wizard with the following simple but very useful objective:

    1. populate data from clipboard or share (copying links, texts from browser, sms, emails... whatever)
    2. fast compose your final message including that data
    3. send a message or create a snippet and that's it


    Added OCR (optical character recognition algorithm) to create an items from images with a text. Some pages do not allow copying a text. Now you can create a snapshot ( obviously by pressing POWER + VOLUME DOWN buttons at the same time, but it may depends on device type ), show it in a gallery and from share option choose StuffMerge. Adjust crop area containing your text for recognition and press save button, that's it. An algorithm would be working for the following languages: eng, spa, ita, fra, deu and others having chars from them.


    Friend of yours have asked you to help him find some cell phones to buy.
    Launch StuffMerge, collect links of pictures, descriptions, prices of phones from e.g. eBAY website, put them into your message, add your own suggestions and send him a message in a fast way. Yeah.


    - adding items by using optical character recognition algorithm
    - collecting data from clipboard / share
    - editing items
    - set item content as active in the clipboard
    - moving/adding data to your prepared groups
    - creating snippets
    - undo /redo for composed message
    - sending final message to another apps

    You can find me on Google Play
    08-09-2014 09:43 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Do you have a link to Play?
    08-09-2014 09:50 AM

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