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    Haven't posted here in a while but I figure I'd come and enlist your guys' help. I am looking for a new (to me) TD or RTS game to play. Not looking for PVP 'RTS' games like CoC- I'm a single player kinda guy. Ones that I have played and enjoyed-
    • MechCom (bite sized RTS skirmishes, MUST play)
    • Rymdkapsel
    • Strikefleet Omega
    • Fieldrunners 1+2
    • TDX
    • Z
    • Block Defender

    There have been a slew of others too, just assume if it was majorly popular then I've played it.

    So guys, what obscure TD or RTS games have you come across that you can recommend to me?
    09-06-2014 06:42 PM

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