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    My sister requesting if I could share her favorite game. She's too annoying -___-
    So that, I'll share with you guys this Argh!! (Pocket Tales) Game that she's currently playing. She's so addicted to this game. I guess this game is a new one and this Pocket tales is also an RPG. It's has a unique game play, because it is a combination of Farming Simulation and Real-Time RPG. You can also communicate and socialize with your friends. This game is similar to some popular simulation games like Farmville, but it has a battle and the good thing about it is you can play with your friends, in other words, you can use their heroes in defeating monsters. Pocket Tales has 5 classes named Sorcerer, Berserker, Wizard, Archer and Warrior. And my sister's hero is a Sorcerer since she loved violet -_- Heroes can equip weapons by crafting process. In terms of simulation, her friends can also help her in producing goods and they can also visit her island. Island and her house are upgradable … hmm

    Who also playing this arrggh Game ?
    01-12-2015 03:43 AM
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    Pocket Tale Game Review: A new game concept
    New, brilliant, and dazzling are just some of the words that first popped into my head when I heard of a game that lets you do farming and slay some monsters. A combination of Town Building and Management, team PVE, and social interaction in one (well a lot of mobile games nowadays are linking us to other players online but WTH?).
    Plot: In this game your main character is a hero who was awakened by a god to help re-grow and protect an island.
    Gameplay: This revolves around three (3) main things:
    • Producing - You will start a town and expand it by growing crops and raising livestock. Pretty much like Farmville/Hayday.
    • Battle - Team up with your friends and together defeat monsters that are invading your town
    • Socialize – Well, need I say more? But majority of the missions/quests in the game involves interactions with fella players so adding more and more would really be an advantage.
    - You will not run out of things to do but it tends to get repetitive at times.
    - Leveling up is easy and quests are really helpful and simple
    - Friends can aid in fixing withered crops, cleaning livestock pens, and more.
    - Some buildings and crops and livestock activity can take up time to complete but you can always use a pearl (premium item) to speed the process.
    Graphics/BGM: I can only think of 1 word for graphics: CHIBI. It is somehow cute though. Background Music is enjoyable at first but gets a bit painful in the ears after a few minutes.
    - Devs need to put variation on the sound quality.
    Technical: Installation is a breeze. It’s not that big of a file so you’ll get to play it right away. I’ve installed it on a Lenovo A850, Samsung Galaxy S3, and even an ASUS Zenfone 6 and it plays great.
    Premium Item: Pocket Tales is free to play. However, some in-game items are available for you to purchase with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.
    VERDICT: The game can be very exciting at first but as you progress it gets a bit repetitive on some of the areas. If you are looking for a game with a new concept which involves a lot of socializing with other players then this game is recommendable for you.
    01-13-2015 11:47 PM
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    playing rpg games since i was in grade school, but non of them are like this..RPG-simulation(farming?) in one game? who ever made this, all i can say is you have a brilliant mind!! hahaha. Played some simulation games also like farmville, green farm and maybe little big city.. but all of them are pure simulation only so its boring sometimes.. im just curious how this game works. i think its interesting how you manage your town and your characters at the same time. since this is a RPG also, im gonna try this! Thanks!
    01-14-2015 01:32 AM
  4. Vuvylicious's Avatar
    If you really like this game then I bet you'll like my monster guide

    MONSTER GUIDES~ Basic Damage related info and how to defeat the monsters strategy

    I have not included the first two (2) Bosses, Rockstar and Big Boss since they are both relatively easy to defeat. Hehe. For the succeeding mobs though, here you go, so far they are the toughest bosses in the block:

    Monster Name: Texas
    Attacking Damage/Skills: If your character’s based Def is 35 then Horn 40+/-; Charge 70+/-; Back Leg Kick 70+/-;
    Note: If the tanker’s Def is above 40 and the Damage Dealer’s ATK is 50 or above, the Back Leg Kick Skill will be launched by Texas every time a skill with aggressive style is made. Do not use too much aggressive skills for the long ranged characters because their Def is weak. Keep your ranged attackers and healers from getting near Texas.

    Monster Name: Kani Kani
    Attacking Damage/Skills: If your character’s based Def is 40 then Claw Attack 45+/-; Drops Attack 90+/-; Wide Turning Attack 70+/-;
    Note: You should use a Tanker with Def 50 above and Damage Dealer with Atk 60 above, you should be able to deal with the minions quickly and Warrior needs to constantly move around after using War Cry.

    Monster Name: Dragon
    Attacking Damage/Skills: If your character has full Def then Normal Attack is 45+/-; Whirl Attack is 100+/-; Breath Attack is 100+/-;
    Note: There is no standard tip. Other players who has reached and battled the Dragon already had their characters with Full Atk and Def. Since the Dragon cannot be attacked when on a cliff while using Breath Attack, it would be recommendable if you will have a long ranged attacker. Suggested team up would be, 1 Warrior, 2 Sorcerers, and 2 Wizards.
    01-18-2015 02:47 AM

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